Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Eh, wasn't such a great boxing class.
Partner was weak in holding her gloves up. Frustrated me even as I tried to keep in mind the patience the other guys have for me. I think I was gracious externally. I hope so. I'm glad I (kinda slyly?) just took to the bags at the end. Really like that new combo - jab cross, cross hook, hook cross body body hook cross. Yeaaah! Don't feel sore, stretched or worked out at all but if I recall that He runs the world to make things perfect for me and my mission, then I'm content.

Blessed be His name forever and ever.

Derech Agav, that first comma after "Eh" reminded me of the "," being the punctuation of the introvert tidbit/opinion I just came across.

Derech Chevron, you're in my heart. I wanna be on you super soon and safely on my way to חברון proper. Amen.

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