Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today's Mitzvot

Negative Commandment 246
Stealing Land
"You shall not move back your neighbor's boundary marker"—Deuteronomy 19:14.
It is forbidden to tamper with a boundary marker separating two parcels of land, so as to claim part of a neighbor's property. One who does so has violated this Torah injunction—in addition to being guilty of theft.
This commandment only applies in the land of Israel. Outside of Israel, one who tampers with a land marker is only guilty of transgressing the generic prohibition against theft.

Negative Commandment 243
"Do not steal"—Exodus 20:13.
It is forbidden to abduct one's fellow.


The first filled me with awe - see how precious our Holy Land, literal land, is.
The second filled me with giggles -short sweet n to the point - and sadness, for those whom have indeed been abducted.


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