Friday, June 05, 2015

למה נגרע


The paradox
The will, the scorching burn of desire
The acceptance, the calming cool of reason
I want but I know I have
I want THAT but I have been given THIS
I'm not left with nothing
I'm left with something else

Give me so I can give
Bless me so I can bless
Enrich me so I can enrich
Nourish me so I can nourish


I am given, blessed, enriched, nourished

Constant struggle
Ask, don't ask
Don't ask, ask

למה נגרע

Souls to be born
Worlds to be redeemed


The known has become unknown
And my norm is not the norm
But it is my norm


Can a half a soul know You?

Can a half a soul create whole souls?
In THIS world?

(Because that's where I am)

למה נגרע

Complete me so I can complete Your world

So I can have שבת and תורה and חינוך and כשר
So I can GIVE שבת and תורה and חינוך and כשר

I don't want to build Your world alone
I can build it so much stronger and bolder and higher and deeper ...

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