Sunday, February 01, 2015

Having spent a few days by the Alter Rebbe, the group of Chassidim was ready to return to their hometown, but their baal agala was nowhere to be found. Worse yet, the horse that had brought them to Liozna was in its stall, not having been fed for several days. They set out to search for him in the forests outside of Liozna, and found him walking about and shouting in Russian, "If you were to ask a goy 'Do you love G-d?' he too would say 'I love Him!'"
As it turned out, the simple wagon driver listened to the maamar, and caught only these words of the Alter Rebbe. This inspired him so, that he completely forgot about everything, and immersed himself in those words.
(לשמע אוזן ע' 26)

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the sabra said...

Why do we not have this anymore???

OK OK different avodahs but still..!!