Sunday, February 01, 2015

Crayola Box of Emotions

There was a time when emotions came in boxes of 12, all the basics.

Now I get new ones at a rapid pace and I marvel at the singularity of each of the 64.

Never before this weekend do I recall being told to be ashamed of who I am. Not of what I do, but who I am. Not of my religion or race or gender or country, but personally me.

That's a whole new color.


the sabra said...

PS This has nothing to do with the clothes. But hey now that you (I?) mention it, it should definitely get an honorable mention.
Oh wait, it just did.

Scraps said...

I'm sad that someone told you that. That's a terrible thing to tell anyone.(and yes, I know this was a couple months ago, but whatever, it's still terrible)

the sabra said...

Thanks Scraps.
What's this world all about, anyhow? Only to grow, build, refine, purify...