Thursday, January 01, 2015

   Yeshaya HaNavi chastises the Jewish woman of his time for her lack of tznius.

   Among the main points he complains about is the effort she made to be in the spotlight, to be noticed and observed by all.  he complains, "These females stride along with their height artificially increased" (Yeshaya 3:16).

   The Midrash (Eichah 4:18) explains this in two ways. A tall woman would engage two shorter women to walk on either side of her. She did so in order to exhibit her height and ensure that everyone noticed it. Alternatively, she would wear shoes with abnormally thick soles and heels to increase her height. Height was regulated as a form of beauty and these women did whatever they could to ensure that their height would be as conspicuous and as noticeable as possible.

   This type of conduct is such a serious departure from modesty that the Navi attributes much of Klal Yisroel's downfall to is - see Mekoros 2:1-4.

(Excerpt from Oz V'Hadar Levusha by Rabbi Falk p. 392)

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