Thursday, January 29, 2015


stupid stupid stupid death
comes to take away my friends
stupid stupid stupid death
you're no angel in the end

go away from us, you death
go away from us, right now
go away from us, you death
go far away and stay away away away

i didn't even know of them
until you took them away
i didn't even know of them
until i heard the news today

their names are life
your grin is cruel
yochai and chaim
each a jewel

and ariel
G-d's own roar
and stupid death
took the floor

in the word of truth
blessed at the news
there's death with One
He rules his Jews

maybe death did not them take
maybe this was no mistake
maybe death answered a call
to bring delight to G-d's grand hall

but down here is where we live
and hearts and minds are our life's sieve
and angels should not to us bring pain
there should be no loss and only gain

and now the time has come at last
to send this "angel" to the past
and rather welcome here instead
angels that bring back the dead

ברוך דיין האמת

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