Monday, December 29, 2014

Thou Shall Not Fear

So cool. A mitzvah forbidding us to fear. Fear is in your control.

Fearlessness in Battle

Negative Commandment 58

The 58th prohibition is that we are forbidden from fearing the enemy1 at time of war and retreating before them. Rather, it is an obligation to strengthen one's heart and stand strong in the lines of battle. A person who turns away and retreats violates this prohibition.
The source of this prohibition is G‑d's statement,2 "Do not re­treat before them." This prohibition is repeated in the statement,3 "Do not fear them." The same idea — not to retreat or turn back during battle — is repeated many times, because it is a situation in which real truth4 can triumph.


Ruti Mizrachi said...

This prohibition includes not being afraid of any of the chimeric demons of making aliyah. I'm sure I read that somewhere. God loves you and wants you to be happy -- even if it appears that the bureaucracy wants to swallow you up. <3 When are you coming to visit me?

the sabra said...

Birth may be bloody painful (great pun) but that only magnifies the drama and seriousness of the approaching miracle.

I was just born Israeli.

I'm not afraid, Ruti, only cautiously exploring my new world, uncovering new truths with each interaction, unsure of much but sure that I'm here to stay, bezrat hashem.

Mazel tov :)