Saturday, November 08, 2014

Ending World Hunger

I wish the Rebbe was here so I could see the open joy and delight on his face as he would surely discuss the latest blatant sign of Moshiach, as predicted by Maimonides -- no more hunger.

Moshiach will be a small change that will make a huge difference.

People sometimes dismiss the whole concept because it seems too radical to envision flying on eagles' wings and all the world knowing G-d. But really, with all the technology that's escalating so rapidly, we CAN imagine it. 'Google Now' unites all the parts of my life and that reminds me of how achdus Hashem will be rampant throughout the world. One message you post on a social network and millions upon millions of people can receive it instantly. These are real things, part of our life, but we see em through Golus glasses. We outta see em through Redemption Lenses.

May the Beis Hamikdosh be built speedily in our days, amen!!

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