Friday, September 05, 2014

R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, Chief Rabbi of the Eidah Hacharedis in Eretz Yisroel under the British mandate, was once sitting at a Shabbos table when he saw a young child do something prohibited on Shabbos. Instinctively, he shouted, "It's Shabbos!" The child's father deemed his reaction excessive and protested that the child is still young and doesn't yet appreciate Shabbos and its laws. A short while later the same child made his way to the china closet and found a nice crystal vase, a family heirloom, to play with. As soon as the father caught sight of his son, he screamed, "No! Don't touch that, it's not a toy! Do you know how much this is worth?"

The rov turned to the father and said calmly, "Why are you reacting so strongly? He's still young and doesn't yet grasp the value of a crystal family heirloom."

Essentially, both the father and the rov had similar gut reactions, they differed only in what they found important.

Many decisions we make are based on what we consider important. When something is a priority we usually manage to find the necessary money, time and energy. When it's not, we justify why we can't afford it and have no time or energy.


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