Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm Beat

Mostly cuz I'm exhausted and drained physically. Finally did grappling! Am I not the most blessed child on these shores?? Indeed I am.

Drained, too, conversing with all sortsa people (it's funny isn't it how I'm thinking in a British accent).

I got to a higher plane today. Didn't ask to go there but ever so awed that here I stand.

And learned a thing or two from the ichy -not the pleasant - parts of the convos.

I will emerge better.

When darkness, negativity and cruelty unjustly steal the show, I'll make the world balanced again by conquering it with a surplus of light, positivity and kindness. Take that, Mr Bad Boys!

I like this plane.
Life is infinitely infinitely more good.

Baruch Havaya.

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