Sunday, March 23, 2014

"I have a tradition from my zeide (that is, the Baal Shem Tov) that foolishness, sadness, and a feeling of self-worth - are considered by chassidim as aveiros deOraysa. Acute perception, simcha that comes from finding the good in everything, and zerizus bimesinus (doing one'savoda with calm swiftness) - are considered by chassidim to be mitzvosdeOraysa.."
(סה"ש קיץ ש"ת ע' 52)


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the sabra said...


The Rebbe said that one should make a point of being joyful, even from gashmiyusdike things, if that is what makes him happy in his current state. Once a person is in a state of simcha, he will be able to draw himself towards simcha shel mitzva. This of course does not include holelus, wild frivolity, because even if a person feels cheerful during that moment, he will later regret it and there will not be any simcha...

(תו"מ תשמ"ה ח"ב ע' 1112, תו"מ תשמ"ב ח"ג ע' 1523)