Monday, February 24, 2014

I can't handle the sirens they're making me cry I dont even want to put in punctuation to make sense of htis mess or to fix my spellng mistakes because life is just too shattered right now to try to fix and make sense
the tires screeching make me jump and the sirens screaming make me cry and every time i think i'm fine, a traffic noise shows me i'm not.
i learned torah and that helped me feel safe and i think i ought to learn some more but every time the sirens wail my soul wails once again
i hate the sound of the police
i hate the sound of hte sirens
i hate the sound of trucks backing up
i can barely write these words but i need to say them
i cant burden everyone else anymore
i used to be okay with that, used to think i had to share with everyone or else it wouldn't be real but now i dont feel that now i want people to feel good and happy and let the world laugh and glide by we dont need freakin mourners we need happiness and smiles and help and friendship

That makes me feel a bit better. Those words are happy words.

maybe the screeching and the sirens is takkeh a fear, not just a sadness. i dont know hwat it is. i can just go to sleep and we'll deal wtih this in the morning. or we wont have to.maybe i'll feel all better. maybe all the Jews will feel better because moshiach will come before dawn. it's been dark enough for long enough. AD MOSAI?!?!?!??!?!??????????


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