Friday, February 28, 2014

1 Adar 72 [a backwards day, indeed]

Heart hurts
Tears run
Don't cry, father!
Eyes piercing
Throat catching
Pain terrible pain
Pain for self, for us, for G-d.
Now I'm in pain
I see you like this
I shut my eyes but
open is my heart
and I want to see your joy
I want to see your smile and your laugh
Your eyes so bright and blue twinkling
with connection.
We need warmth but good warmth.
We need Moshiach now.
I'm sick of talk, of responsibility, of work.
I'm sick of waiting, of loss, of despair.
I want, we want, to curl up in cozy security
We want to relish, sit back, happy sighs
And bask
Bask in the light, the glory, the truth
Bask in the beginning of a wonderful new world.
Bask in the day where we'll be with the Rebbe and the Rebbe will be with us and we'll all see Hashem clearly and there will only be clear and revealed goodness and happiness and we'll all do the right thing and everyone will feel guided and children will feel loved and accepted and there will be overflowing cups of health and gratitude and Torah learning.

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