Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Last Generation of Exile:

These predictions/thoughts are a major comfort--

The Mezritcher Maggid said, "Before Moshiach comes, there will be a repeat of the confrontation between Eliyahu HaNavi and the prophets of the Baal on Mount Carmel. However, unlike that match, when a fire miraculously descended from Above on to the mizbeiach of the prophets of HaShem, this time the fire will descend on the other side. And that will be the greatest test of all."
(כפר חב"ד גליון 418, דברי שמואל ע' מ)
The Chozeh of Lublin once said, "Before Moshiach arrives, it will be difficult for a Yid to hold on to his emuna. He will have to struggle to remain an upstanding Yid. It will be like climbing up a straight wall, grasping it with no more than pliers."
(ומביא גואל ע 35)
On his deathbed, Reb Volf of Zhitomir, a leading talmid of the Baal Shem Tov, shared with those around him what the future holds:
"Let it be known that there will be difficult times before Moshiachcomes. It will be possible for a person to eat at home on Yom Kippur R"L, and then show up at shul in a fancy carriage, and be honored withShishi or Maftir.
"Publicize this now, so that the Yidden living at that future time will know that many years earlier there lived a certain Reb Volf who predicted that state of affairs, and then they will not be overwhelmed and chas veshalom despair."
(לקו"ס פרלוב ע' רפ"ט)
In Tehillim, Dovid HaMelech yearns for HaShem: "My neshama thirsts for You... in a parched and weary land without water. So too, to see You in the holy [place]..."
In this possuk, the Baal Shem Tov saw how passionately Dovid HaMelech envied the yearning that Yidden would experience during the time of golus. Specifically in that state, when the neshama is far from HaShem, it yearns for Him. Halevai, Dovid HaMelech beseeches, that the neshama should similarly thirst for HaShem even when living in a state of holiness.
(הוספות לכש"ט אות ס"ד וש"נ)
Before he passed away, Moshe Rabbeinu was shown all the generations of the future. When he gazed upon our spiritually poor generation, whose comprehension of Elokus is close to nothing, and yet despite all of its difficulties Yidden in this generation fulfill Torah and mitzvos and daven with a chassidishe geshmak, with bitachon and simple emuna, he was so utterly overawed that he felt less worthy than them.

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