Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talya's Thoughts on Tzion (recommended!)

"Wow. I'm enamored by your delightful and singular writing, paralleled only by your exquisite attitude towards life. "
Was my comment on Talya's latest blog post describing her entry into our Land as an Olah Chodasha. Here is a snippet:
"Unreal only captures the feeling to an extent, but what I can break down of my sleepy nervousness offers me a distant understanding of what occurred. I recognize in awe the tremendous support I felt from my Midreshet people, my friends and my family greeting me at the welcoming ceremony. The dreamlike connection to the excitement of being home falls buried under the stones of anxiety raining down in anticipation of the next 3 days of my entirely Hebrew seminar and the isolation of not joining the IDF with all 125 heroes my age. My body trembles in doubts and aches of the unknown waving hello."
 What a refreshing individual. I wish you much luck, Talya!

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