Sunday, October 27, 2013

4 Word Sentences

Because 4 letters is not polite. (reminiscent of the "I is the ninth letter" joke).

I am really upset.
I am very nervous.
I am so stupid.
I am incredibly irresponsible.
I am feeling vulnerable.
I am feeling disappointed.
I have been disappointed.
I am lacking determination.
I have no motivation.
I feel very overwhelmed.
I feel very foolish.
I am actually scared.
I am also frustrated.
I am crying lots.
I am acting irrationally.
I am not prepared.

But I just remembered that it's the Rebbe's project. Zehu, I'm giving it over to the Rebbe to ensure its success. It was never about me anyhow. The message of Shlichus and Ahavas Yisroel are the Rebbe's messages and therefore the Rebbe will make sure all my characters show up and that everything falls into place.

Ok, new 4 word sentences :)

I feel much better.
I will see success.
I will feel success.
Baruch Hashem for everything.
Everything will be great.
People will have time.
Everyone will show up.
I will remember details.
I will stay calm.
I will spread joy.
The book will rock!!!!!!!!!!

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