Friday, April 19, 2013

6am Shawarma

I don't always spell it with that extra 'a'. Just saying.

So that was on the breakfast menu this mornin in San Juan. It was glorious to see that side of the airport. ("That side" referring to the non dingy and deserted side.) And, of course, "glorious" remind us of Mr. Randy.

I do miss writing here.
The instant responses of Facebook have lured me away.

And now I await for the Father Serach tribe to take me home.

Home. Lots of homes, have I.

One might diagnose that with a lack in the core but b"h it aint so. Especially since the kidney ordeal. Oh I really should've explained the Heavenly meeting scenario and feelings to them all when we were sitting there ("mivtzoyim, ah?!"!!) but wait, Gd runs His world, not me, I can relax.

Welcome to the Island.

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