Thursday, September 27, 2012

In My Mind's Eye (by Tikva Baker)

They tell me stars are dots that gleam,
That shimmer in the vast, night sky.
They say the moon's a glowing sphere,
a vivid crescent perched on high.
The distant planets, I believe,
Are glorious beyond mere words.
They whirl and spin in deep, dark space;
Their spacedance never is disturbed.
It's not a world that I can share
I have more walls than you or she
Walls I cannot overcome 
They never will be climbed by me.
Yet what I lack, I look to find
In a place where I am free
It is the eye within my mind
It's where I go so I can see.
It's there I see with shining eyes,
Eyes so bright and pure and clear
And with those eyes I can devise 
My world -- so perfect and so dear.
It's there I see your faces shine
It's there I see the dazzling sea
It's there I see the trees, the vines
It's there that I can
I never cease to dream of when
All you describe I, too, may view.
But as for now and until then
I have my shimmers, too.

-from the final chapter in Baker's Dozen #9 (Through Thick and Thin)

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