Friday, August 10, 2012

Over Popcorn n Blueberries

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
Same type of palm eating food.
Interesting. Non-intentional.
Which looks international, which reminds me of the "No Loitering" Korea conversation/meeting/family hangout, one love. Ye, one love.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I'll decide what goes in, so I can decide what stays with.
I don't rap with speed. No, I think with speed.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I think of not coming home from the army this Thursday night; because I'm not in the army.
I think of dreidel toys by the machsom and catching em flipping through my photo album.
Of false Castro models. I laugh. I'm happy I can laugh at myself. Really happy. Hmmm.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I muse in the brilliant clarity of nighttime, unshadowed by senses.
And now, my own senses can emerge.
They're emerging.

They hear the laughter of self.
They feel the heartbeat of a nation.
They smell the engine all revved up.
They see the stones of Jerusalem city.
They announce the call of destiny.

My senses. O, my sensible senses!

Over popcorn n blueberries, I've mused and I've concluded.

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