Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boxing Tip - Jab, Slip and Enter

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Featured Boxing Tip

Boxing Tip #19 - Jab Slip and Enter

You need to have available various strategies for closing the distance
between you and your opponent.  This boxing technique is a boxing
drill you can use to both close the distance and throw your opponent
off guard so that you can close without getting hit and start inflicting
some damage once you get there.

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Daily Motivation

"You can't push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself."

- Andrew Carnegie

Fighting Unseen Opponents

Imagine you are in a ring or facing an opponent who you are confident
that you can beat.  As you are facing him ready to attack, suddenly
twenty of his friends show up to offer their assistance.  You have no where
to go, you have to fight.

Such an experience would be devastating to anyone's confidence in their
ability to fight and win.  Being outnumbered in this way, you might as
well just give up right there and take the beating.

Now imagine that after those twenty opponent's showed up, one of your
own friends showed up, or perhaps two, three, or enough to match
them one for one.  Your friends would suddenly level the playing
field and reduce the fight back to just you and your opponent.

In life, you are going to find that you will add opponents to your
fights, by allowing doubts to enter your mind.  Every doubt you have
about whether you can win, is like another fighter standing across
from you.  It is you, who creates the imbalance.

But, you can learn from these thoughts.  When a doubt arises in your
mind, you can make adjustments to your game because of it.  You can
analyze the doubt, determine why you are having it, and then grow
stronger because of it.  You don't have to let that one doubt fester
and grow into twenty new opponents.

Instead, when you have a doubt, follow it through and picture it being
overcome.  Work out the strategy that defeats it.  Doing this, adds
a fighter to your side.  Replace that one doubt with a hundred positive
thoughts, so that the doubt is overwhelmed.

When your doubt is replaced with a thousand "positive thoughts" -
suddenly it is you and twenty friends vs your opponent and not the
other way around.

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