Friday, August 31, 2012

Wood Walls

Wood walls are intense.

They can be very warm and cozy, or lonely and stifling.

I saw some pictures of a few of the (newly renovated) donor suites at Mt Sinai and I sure hope that whoever is enclosed in those wooden paneled room has a lot of fun, special and awesome* guests. 

*Won't it be wasome if Itche Kadoozy comes to visit me when I'm in the hospital?!


That's cute. Veteran hikers of Shvil Yisrael are caled "Shvilistim". Just read that here :)

"I Am A Cow Blocking The Door"


I wanted to write in Azerbaijani: "I remember only one time that I couldn't get to the bathroom because the cow was blocking the door".

So I google-translated it and came up with: "Mən inək qapı blok, çünki Mən vanna otağı almaq deyil ki, yalnız bir dəfə xatırlamaq .."

Just before I was going to use it, I decided I would reverse translate to see what the Azerbaijani is gonna find. And this is what they gave me: "I am a cow blocking the door, because I do not get the bathroom only once a year to remember .."


"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."

That's from Lance Armstrong. Well, according to my gym at least. Brooklyn Martial Arts, you taught me something fantastic. I see that sign and I know I can keep going. Man, I'm like an army brat. Sorta kinda.

You also taught me how to fend off attackers. I like the Krav Maga "your religion" line.
Heehee I just remembered Chamil saying we should put a face on the bag "and preferably Justin's because he was the one who got you all into this." Heehee humour is just GREAT! (Hi Sheina)

Whew, so off topic here.
Oh! I just realized that prapps my title seems to indicate that I'm debating and referencing my kidney decision. Nopes. Not in the slightest. In fact, during my last appointment -- the final crossmatch -- I asked about liver donation ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going To Sleep...Pinch Me!!

Am I dreaming? Did an utterly fantastic far-off desire actually become, so suddenly, my pinch-me like reality? 

There were only a few short months that raced by as I morphed from an outsider to an insider. Beautifully reminiscent of the surprising speed of an aircraft journey from Outside Israel to Inside Israel.

The haste tickles. Time seems appropriate for colossal change to occur.

I'm (almost) in! Bh!



Just before, with my splitting headache, nausea, hunger, thirst and exhaustion, I was feeling irritable and impatient  and slightly underpowered about still having so much to do tonight (Chitas, Ticket, Shower, Shema, Gardening, Just Kidding) and having to wake up in the 6's and not having anyone to come with me to my FINALLLLLL appointment.

But theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I reminded myself that this is my dream!! I get bogged down by all the technical details (and the having to shlep so early in the morning and stay for hours), that I forget why I'm doing this! I AM SO LUCKY BARUCH HASHEM TO HAVE THIS ZECHUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that puny little me is standing right there near G-d and the surgeon and giving a healthy kidney to a fellow human being. It's insane. Utterly amazingly insane.

So now, I am feeling AWESOME about having to wake up early. Heck, I wanna stay up all night in eager anticipation of this final test and big meetings! I am totally giddy!

I realized I ought to finally make myself a reminder card or bracelet to give myself encouragement and remind me why I'm doing this. I figured I'll take a livestrong bracelet (from amongst my stuff) and write on it.  I had to smile widely and gratefully when I saw what was written on there already:
Walla. B"h b"h b"H!
I added "I'M A KIDNEY DONOR" :)

And, I'm SO happy that Molly is coming with me in the morning. That is just such a blessing. We'll talk and laugh and give/get support and drink coffee and squeeze hands and give/get hugs and sit waiting together and maybe even laugh again.


And people, instead of being jealous, hook yourself up! (hehe yeah literally, too)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kevin Youkilis is Jewish!

Kevin Youkilis is Jewish! Ha! Did I know that?? Neato!

Pfff look what I just read on Wiki - He was one of three Jewish players in the 2008 All-Star Game, joining Braun and Kinsler, and one of three Jewish players on the Team USA 2009 World Baseball Classic team, joining Braun and Grabow.[142][143] Kinsler says that "Youkilis always says something to me on the bases. 'Happy Passover,' he'll throw something at me."[144]

First Derek Jeter, now Kevin Youkilis..what a symbolic week!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Phone and I

There's something wrong with my phone.

Even when it's plugged in and shows that it's charging, the battery is still draining.

I feel like my phone.

If only I was under 18...

If I was not yet 18 years old, the pressure and responsibility and decisions and most importantly, the KNOWLEDGE would not be my concern.

Why the hell is it not clear that I'm not complaining or accusing about lack of support, I'm only persistent in trying to seek it out???!!??!
Like I explained to Chris and Montgomery today, I'm not pointing fingers, I'm only explaining why I'm overwhelmed!!
And I have every stinkin reason to feel so.
Especially now that I've got that monster to reckon with :( :( :(
I ought to meet Mr. Louis, the recipient, already. It'll give me the encouragement I need and that's worth more than humility and its rewards.



So there IS a G-d...!

At the end of my draining, overwhelming, lonely, sad, scary, headachey, starving, weak and bawling day, I have discovered the medical benefits of the above mentioned medication and decided that perhaps a puppy would be a wise purchase.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nobody Showed Up @ 10:45am

I thought she might surprise me and be there waiting at 10:45. That maybe hearing my voice accidentally break (as a sob crept up), she would return to her original plan of coming with me. I didn't expect it but thought it would be super incredible if I walked up and saw her.

But nu nu. Obviously I can handle it alone if that's what He's arranging for me.

I would have accepted if either of my friends - the girl or woman in 770 - would have been able to come.

But again, I guess it's in my best interests to go alone.


(Derek Jeter on the radio DID make me smile and feel a bit better :))

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Showers in 1 Day :)

I just took my third shower for the day.
Feels great :)

Hey it's to make up for all the times when I'm in third world countries and have no access to clean water!

No, I'm not interested in signing up for Shower Management classes. Thank you for asking.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Mystery of the Troubled Wool Merchant (Inspiring* Story)

*Ach, "inspiring" is such a dull word and one that I generally stay away from, but somehow that seemed most fitting and sometimes I just do what needs to be done, even if it's hard :)

The Mystery of the Troubled Wool Merchant

It was with heavy hearts that a group of senior chassidim assembled in the home of their master, Rabbi Zvi Elimelech of Dinov (1783–1841; known as the “Bnei Yissaschar” after his work by that title). Their rebbe had fallen ill, and it was understood that his moments were numbered. They joined his children and grandchildren to be with him in his closing hours of physical life, and perhaps hear some final instruction from their mentor and guide.
The rebbe’s eyes were closed, and a medley of trepidation and ecstasy played upon his holy face. Our master is spending his last minutes in communion with his Maker, they all thought; how selfish of us to assume that he would have something to say to us at this time!
Suddenly, the rebbe’s eyes opened and began to search the small crowd. Finally his glance rested on one man, who was standing to one side. The chassidim made way for this man, and gently propelled him toward the rebbe’s bedside.
Reb Shmuel,” the chassidim heard the rebbe inquire, “what is it that you wanted to ask?”
“Rebbe,” said the man, whom no one recalled ever having seen before, “the wool that I purchased . . . what shall I do?”
“Don’t worry, Reb Shmuel,” said Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech. “Wait until next winter. The price will rise, and you will make a handsome profit.”
The rebbe’s eyes closed. Soon after, his soul departed to its supernal abode.
In the days that followed, the chassidim hotly debated the significance of their rebbe’s final words. The mysterious “wool merchant” had disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared; certainly, he was one of the thirty-six “hidden tzaddikim,” or perhaps Elijah the Prophet? Various theories were offered on the Kabbalistic meanings of “wool,” “summer” and “handsome profit.”
Word of these deliberations reached the ears of Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech’s son, RabbiDovid. “You are mistaken,” he said. “There is no mystery here, no hidden meaning, only a profound expression of my saintly father’s love for every Jew.
“Reb Shmuel is a simple merchant, who would often come to seek Father’s counsel and blessings regarding his business affairs. Recently he had bought a large quantity of wool, after which its price had dropped sharply; the poor man faced the loss of all his assets, as well as huge debts for the sums he had borrowed to make the purchase. He rushed to Dinov to seek my father’s advice. Upon his arrival, he followed the crowd into Father’s room, unaware of why we had assembled. Father, sensing the presence of a Jew in need, considered it his highest priority to assure him that all would be well.”

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Hand Transplant

Omg insane! In 1998, someone received a hand transplant (a procedure that lasts 8-12 hours. keep in mind that a heart transplant operation is typically 6-8 hours long), and then 2 and a half years later he requested that they remove it. Which they did. Ahhh!!

Where The Kidney Is Placed

So, here's something interesting (from Wikipedia) about the actual procedure and location of the transplanted kidney--


In most cases the barely functioning existing kidneys are not removed, as this has been shown to increase the rates of surgical morbidities. Therefore, the kidney is usually placed in a location different from the original kidney, often in the iliac fossa, so it is often necessary to use a different blood supply:
There is disagreement in surgical textbooks regarding which side of the recipient’s pelvis to use in receiving the transplant. Campbell's Urology (2002) recommends placing the donor kidney in the recipient’s contralateral side (i.e. a left sided kidney would be transplanted in the recipient's right side) to ensure the renal pelvis and ureter are anterior in the event that future surgeries are required. In an instance where there is doubt over whether there is enough space in the recipient’s pelvis for the donor's kidney the textbook recommends using the right side because the right side has a wider choice of arteries and veins for reconstruction. Smith's Urology (2004) states that either side of the recipient's pelvis is acceptable, however the right vessels are “more horizontal” with respect to each other and therefore easier to use in the anastomoses. It is unclear what is meant by the words “more horizontal”. Glen's Urological Surgery (2004) recommends putting the kidney in the contralateral side in all circumstances. No reason is explicitly put forth; however, one can assume the rationale is similar to that of Campbell's—to ensure that the renal pelvis and ureter are most anterior in the event that future surgical correction becomes necessary.

A Kidney Blog?

I briefly considered starting a new blog (or other form of social sharing) about my whole kidney journey. Not so much for myself, but for my family (and close friends) who want to follow my thoughts and progress.

I didn't because, thank G-d, my whole life is so chock full of incredible events that I have accepted that my life is one long journey of awesomeness, with no need to separately document each trip and experience. Yeah, back in the day a midnight trip to 7-11 needed its own scrapbook. Now, backpacking through Asia or being involved in a kidney donation, rolls right along the Daily Doses from, thoughts about the weather, corny jokes, and any other piece of news, humour, interest or abstract that makes its way onto my blog :)

Make Me a Perfect Match: Understanding Transplant Compatibility

Make Me a Perfect Match: Understanding Transplant Compatibility
By Amy L. Friedman MD, FACS & Thomas G. Peters, MD, FACS, FASN
The ultimate goal of matching a donor kidney with the person seeking transplantation is identification of an organ that will be tolerated indefinitely by the body of the recipient who takes medications to prevent rejection. It is helpful to divide donor and recipient matching into three distinct areas: blood type matching, tissue type matching and crossmatching. Each is a distinct and important aspect of donor and recipient matching for which specific, complex laboratory tests have evolved. Each applies to kidneys from both live donors and deceased donors.
Blood Type Matching
The importance of blood group matching in transfusion has been known for many years, and it is equally important in kidney transplantation. The four major blood types in humans correspond to the type of glycoproteins (a combination of sugar and protein) on the surface of the blood cells. Type A cells carry type A glycoproteins and type B cells carry type B glycoproteins. Type AB cells have a mixture of both A and B glycoproteins. Type O cells have neither.
Humans also naturally have antibodies to the glycoproteins their own cells lack. These antibodies are responsible for causing serious (and sometimes fatal) reactions when they attack their targets. Since people with type A cells have antibodies to type B glycoproteins, a donor with type B blood is not compatible with a type A recipient. Similarly, those with type B cells have antibodies to type A glycoproteins, indicating a type A donor is not compatible with a type B recipient. Individuals with type AB cells lack antibodies to these glycoproteins and are therefore compatible with any potential donors (with regard to blood type matching). Those with type O have antibodies against both type A and type B cells and therefore require type O kidney donors. Thus, the person with blood type AB is the universal kidney recipient and the person with blood type O is the universal kidney donor.
The other factor, called the RH factor, adds a plus or minus to the blood type letter. This factor relates only to a particular cell type in the blood, is not part of the kidney and is not important in kidney matching.
Tissue Matching
Tissue matching is a very complex area involving testing the similarity of certain proteins, called antigens, between the donor and recipient, which are defined through blood tests. We all have many genes, some of which determine the expression of these antigens. For kidney transplantation, we currently look at six of these, called major histo-compatibility complex or HLA antigens. By analyzing which six of these specific antigens both individuals have, we are able to determine the closeness of tissue matching. A six-antigen match (both people have the same set of six antigens) is the best compatibility between a donor recipient pair who is not identical twins. This match occurs 25 percent of the time between siblings having the same mother and father and also occurs from time-to-time in the general population.
Long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation do relate to matching (as well as other factors), which is the reason for seeking the best possible match. Analysis of thousands of transplants consistently shows that six-antigen matched kidneys have the best statistical results, followed progressively by five antigens, and then four antigens, etc. For this reason, when a close match is available, it is preferred. Yet, today, the immunosuppressive medications used to prevent rejection have improved to the extent that even transplants with no tissue match (a zero match) may still provide good outcomes. Many other factors such as the patient’s age, other disease conditions, and degree to which the prescribed medications are actually taken, also affect the results of transplantation. For this reason, good tissue matching is considered a benefit, but not a requirement for a good outcome.
The final test of compatibility between a kidney donor and recipient is the crossmatch used to identify the presence of preformed antibodies that would damage the kidney (cause rejection) from that specific donor. The basic test involves mixing the liquid portion of the recipient’s blood (the part of the blood that contains antibodies) with cells from the donor. Killing of these cells indicates the presence of antibodies.
The three past medical events that may cause a recipient to have antibodies are pregnancy, blood transfusion or prior transplantation. Refinements in laboratory techniques for crossmatching have led to very sensitive and accurate testing that is probably responsible for some of the improved outcomes of kidney transplantation. Although this testing is now highly complex and may involve as many as ten to fifteen different/separate tests, the final result is fairly simple. If the crossmatch is positive, the recipient has responded to the donor (antibodies were present and killed the cells) and transplantation should not be carried out. A negative crossmatch means the recipient has not responded and transplantation may proceed. Although this may seem confusing, we should all think of a crossmatch as the final and very important test indicating a go or no go with a transplant operation. A positive crossmatch essentially says the recipient will reject the donor organ and the transplant should not be done. A negative crossmatch indicates the recipient will not respond and the transplant should be done.
To be certain, the final crossmatch provides accurate results for deciding whether or not to proceed with transplantation, live cells from the donor and recent blood from the recipient are needed. It is easy to schedule blood testing in the days before a live donor kidney transplant. But the rapid decision-making required to avoid wasting kidneys from a deceased donor requires the recipient’s blood has already been prepared and stored in the tissue typing laboratory. For this reason, people who are active on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) kidney waiting list must provide a new blood sample each month.
New Approaches to Incompatible Donors
A recipient who has an incompatible live donor kidney or has antibodies that make it very difficult to find a compatible deceased donor kidney will not be able to undergo conventional transplantation. Today, there are numerous strategies being attempted to try to overcome these obstacles. Matching strategies to identify another live donor-recipient pair whose incompatibility with each other may still permit successful organ exchange between the pairs. In the simplest exchange, for example, donor 1 with blood type A (whose own recipient 1 has blood type B), might exchange organs with donor 2 who has blood type B (whose own recipient 2 has blood type A). Other exchanges are more complex, but are actively being sought in numerous regions of the country.
Other approaches to incompatibility involve pretreating the recipient with immunoglobulin, a blood product pooled from thousands of donors, with or without a therapy called plasmapheresis. These strategies are intended to deplete the level of preexisting antibodies to blood groups or to HLA antigens in the recipient and to make the crossmatch result negative. These approaches are still considered experimental, but should be discussed if there is no other strategy likely to permit transplantation.
In summary, a well-matched kidney is one in which the blood types between the donor and recipient are compatible, the tissue typing is well-defined and well-matched (as well-matched as possible) and the crossmatch studies are negative. Application of these principles has helped to make the results of live and deceased donor kidney transplantation excellent, and to make this therapy safe for thousands of patients with end-stage renal failure. New approaches to making transplantation possible for recipients with incompatibilities and high levels of antibodies are beginning to show promise for making transplantation a realistic option for those who could not previously benefit.

Kidney Transplants

Pretty much nothing interests me more these days than kidney transplants.

Donation (live and deceased), evaluations, support, housing, testing, financing, blood cells, antibodies, organizations, coordinators, doctors, surgeons, ultrasounds, x-rays, machines, images, scans, meetings, insurance, laparoscopic vs open surgery, risks, benefits, hospital, recovery, donor, recipient....

It's all for the recipient.


But Hashem only put 'need' in the world, so people can have the privilege of giving.
For chessed (kindness) to abound, there needs to be a recipient.

So really it's the donor - who is humbled and tiny and awed - that needs to thank the recipient for the privilege of being involved in saving a life. Incredible.

Multi Million Dollar Terrorist Theme Park Brought to you by Hezbollah (VIDEO)

AUGUST 17, 2012 4:06 PM 1 COMMENT
An exhibit at the Hezbollah terror park. Photo: Screenshot/VICE.
A multi-million dollar theme park funded by Hezbollah will feature “family-friendly” rides and activities that encourage and celebrate terrorism against Israel, according to adocumentary aired on  VICE. The media website’s film crew went to Mleeta,  Lebanon to visit Hezbollah’s theme park, documenting the Shia terror group’s interactive propaganda effort in the form of the park’s barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive video footage and exhibitions of weaponry used in their fight for “martyrdom” against Israel.
The park’s ‘attractions’ also include models of recreated war scenes, displaying destroyed Israeli tanks and other scenes of wreckage and fatality, including grave stones. A feature video shown in the park educates visitors about Hezbollah’s history and its mission to destroy the Jewish state.
According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Israel believes Hezbollah has an arsenal of over 40,000 rockets, including some that could potentially reach Tel Aviv. Hezbollah, funded by Iran and Syria,  has also been accused of establishing rocket villages in Southern Lebanon designated to fire into Israel.
Part two of the VICE’s documentary will be aired online next Tuesday.
A video report covering the theme park can be viewed below.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Transplant!

Oh wow! I've been wondering whether this is possible! And I see that - thank Gd - it is!
A woman donated her kidney to her brother. His body didn't accept it kindly and in fact, the transplanted kidney was making him even more ill than he'd been prior to the surgery.
Solution? Pass it on to someone else.
They did just that and the second recipient thrived with the new life he received.
Read the full CNN article here.

The Thief Who Repaid His Debt

Posted Sunday, Aug 12 2012 10:50pm in Chabad News, Israel

This week, a young yeshiva bochur walked into the Makolet Avraham grocery store in Bnei Brak and handed the storekeeper a closed envelope before running away very quickly. Avraham, the storekeeper, opened the envelope and found NIS 300 inside. With it was a letter. On the envelope itself was written:

“Dear storekeeper,
“When I was a little boy, there was a time when I used to take chocolates (not too many) from the store. As I am very sorry about this, I have enclosed a sum of money. I would like to ask you to say, ‘I forgive’ out loud.
“Written with great pain,
“The little boy who once was.”

The storekeeper, feeling very moved, immediately said the words, ‘I forgive.’
Later, storekeeper Rabbi Avraham Ruchamkin, who is also the gabbai of the Chabad shul in Bnei Brak, reported that he had been busy with customers when two boys aged 14-16 came into the store. One of them handed him the envelope and then they ran out of the store.
“At first, I didn’t understand what was going on,” he said. “But when I opened the envelope and read what was inside, I was very moved and I said, ‘I forgive’ in front of the customers. I have been running the shop for 33 years, and this is the first time that such a thing has happened. Two other similar incidents did occur over the years, however. Once, when I was at a wedding, a young man approached me and asked to speak to me alone. He told me that when he was a child, he lived near my store and sometimes he stole candies, and he asked my forgiveness. Another time, I opened the store and I found a letter that had been slid under the door asking for forgiveness. But today’s story, where money was also included in the envelope really moved me.”
Rabbi Ruchamkin added that he would be donating the NIS 300 to tzedakah.
The boy looked like he was from a religious background, in learning rather than at work. He may have been too embarrassed to ask his parents for the money to pay for something that he was clearly ashamed of and possibly earned the cash by working hard during his vacation from yeshiva.
When the commissioner of the Dan Region police force, Brig. Gen. Albert Ochayon, heard about the incident, he said, “Usually cases of children stealing from stores do not reach the police. But this is a rare case. It would seem that it bothered the boy for some years. I am almost sure that the value of the candies that he stole didn’t reach NIS 300. I would be interested to know if he and his family are residents of the region under my command.” 

Boxing Tip - Jab, Slip and Enter

Hello Chava, enjoy today's motivation and tips.

Featured Boxing Tip

Boxing Tip #19 - Jab Slip and Enter

You need to have available various strategies for closing the distance
between you and your opponent.  This boxing technique is a boxing
drill you can use to both close the distance and throw your opponent
off guard so that you can close without getting hit and start inflicting
some damage once you get there.

Read the full tip at:

Daily Motivation

"You can't push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself."

- Andrew Carnegie

Fighting Unseen Opponents

Imagine you are in a ring or facing an opponent who you are confident
that you can beat.  As you are facing him ready to attack, suddenly
twenty of his friends show up to offer their assistance.  You have no where
to go, you have to fight.

Such an experience would be devastating to anyone's confidence in their
ability to fight and win.  Being outnumbered in this way, you might as
well just give up right there and take the beating.

Now imagine that after those twenty opponent's showed up, one of your
own friends showed up, or perhaps two, three, or enough to match
them one for one.  Your friends would suddenly level the playing
field and reduce the fight back to just you and your opponent.

In life, you are going to find that you will add opponents to your
fights, by allowing doubts to enter your mind.  Every doubt you have
about whether you can win, is like another fighter standing across
from you.  It is you, who creates the imbalance.

But, you can learn from these thoughts.  When a doubt arises in your
mind, you can make adjustments to your game because of it.  You can
analyze the doubt, determine why you are having it, and then grow
stronger because of it.  You don't have to let that one doubt fester
and grow into twenty new opponents.

Instead, when you have a doubt, follow it through and picture it being
overcome.  Work out the strategy that defeats it.  Doing this, adds
a fighter to your side.  Replace that one doubt with a hundred positive
thoughts, so that the doubt is overwhelmed.

When your doubt is replaced with a thousand "positive thoughts" -
suddenly it is you and twenty friends vs your opponent and not the
other way around.

Definition of "Histrionic"


  [his-tree-on-ik]  Show IPA
adjective Also, his·tri·on·i·cal.
of or pertaining to actors or acting.
deliberately affected or self-consciously emotional; overlydramatic, in behavior or speech.


And on that note, I'm giggling my way through this book I just bought :)


St. Theresa Point Airport (CYST)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

St. Theresa Point Airport (IATAYSTICAOCYST) is located on St Mary Island 0.8 NM(1.5 km; 0.92 mi) north of St. Theresa PointManitobaCanada.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Donor Review Meeting

Ooh ooh right now they should be discussing the results of the latest round of "Breeeeathe in. Breeeeeeathe out. No breathing, stop breathing..........Breathe!!"

Tehillim Time! Tzedakah Time! Chaim Leib ben Shaindel Get Better Time!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Life is huge, but not necessarily not simple.

Over Popcorn n Blueberries

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
Same type of palm eating food.
Interesting. Non-intentional.
Which looks international, which reminds me of the "No Loitering" Korea conversation/meeting/family hangout, one love. Ye, one love.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I'll decide what goes in, so I can decide what stays with.
I don't rap with speed. No, I think with speed.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I think of not coming home from the army this Thursday night; because I'm not in the army.
I think of dreidel toys by the machsom and catching em flipping through my photo album.
Of false Castro models. I laugh. I'm happy I can laugh at myself. Really happy. Hmmm.

Over popcorn n blueberries, I muse.
I muse in the brilliant clarity of nighttime, unshadowed by senses.
And now, my own senses can emerge.
They're emerging.

They hear the laughter of self.
They feel the heartbeat of a nation.
They smell the engine all revved up.
They see the stones of Jerusalem city.
They announce the call of destiny.

My senses. O, my sensible senses!

Over popcorn n blueberries, I've mused and I've concluded.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Possibly like the story of the Rov who pretended he needed to look up the answer to the question so as not to shame him regarding the simplicity.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I just smelled Portland. Weird. Cool. Shrug smiley. Hahaa let's keep that in for laughs.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

At The Psych Ward

"I'm telling you! There are too many cooks and too many broths and it's all the wife, I'm telling you."


Makin Zweig History!

Nearly 3,000 ml and still 8 hours to go.