Sunday, July 29, 2012

Those Banished from Gush Katif

In my opinion, to properly observe and mourn Tisha B'av, those banished from Gush Katif ought to live their day as usual. 
And perhaps the disengaging soldiers, as well.

Sickening; Jews against Jews.

It is the only time I'm embarrassed to be associated.


rutimizrachi said...

This is how I felt and still feel about Gush Katif. Our soldiers should not have been ordered to do this terrible, aberrant thing. But we won at Gush Katif. We all won.

the sabra said...

I do not agree. Jewish "soldiers" put Jewish lives in danger. That's not a win by any stretch of the imagination. Not for those that did it, and not for those capable of stopping it.

rutimizrachi said...

Don't be hatin' on my soldiers, Girl. No young person should be put in that situation. I accept the last part of your statement. I have a lot of anger against those who made the order. I do not harbor any anger against the children who carried it out -- as long as they cried, at least inside.

But you are young -- and the young always judge each other harshly. I reserve my rage for the poor man lying in a coma -- and Hashem has lifted the burden from my heart of carrying that rage, as He seems to be managing this well. And it seems that even those below the commander in chief who could have stopped the orders are also being sorted out and punished. I have no need of continued rage when Hashem is managing affairs.

the sabra said...

There's a difference between not blaming and praising.

rutimizrachi said...

True. I am not going to affect your thinking on this. But I believe with all my heart that by not taking each other's lives at Gush Katif, by not feeding the lust of the 70 ravenous wolves for Jewish blood spilled by Jewish hands, we won something in the Supernal Realms. Our leaders were wrong, and I believe they have much to answer for. But the pawns on the board did not play out the little travesty the way the media and the nations and the Satan would have loved.