Sunday, June 03, 2012



This show is absolutely dangerous for me!!

Watching it, I feel like grabbing my backpack and heading off to the airport to return to Kathmandu!

It's not only seeing and hearing Nepal, the kids, the language, the hostels, the internet cafes, the dingy lighting, the tuk-tuks, Israel, Israelis, Hebrew, backpackers, the's also that I was there. Heck, I'm waiting to spot myself in one of these episodes, Friendship Circle sweatshirt and all!

It's my heart and soul.

But it's not my entire heart and soul.
I've got other inclinations to deal with, as well.

So, my backpack and I stay put.
(For the moment.)


Anonymous said...

Did you watch episode 6 yet? Youtube is telling me it has mature content, I wish someone would tell me a bit more so I can decide if I want to watch it....

the sabra said...

I did watch it. I'm not very mature ( I splash in puddles) and I had no problem with it.