Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thanks, Gd, For My White Slipper Boots

Thanks, Gd, for my white slipper boots that match so perfectly with the white writing on my orange sweatshirt.

Thanks for the book about the Israeli army that kept me up these past two nights.

Thanks for my two brothers coming home tomorrow.

Thanks for the bucket of carrots that I'm about to wash, peel and wash again.

Thanks for the "One Minute of Torah" Book that turned out so beautifully.

Thanks for the miracles You perform.

Thanks for my friend who is happily married.

Thanks for the Lonely Planet book on my desk. And thanks for leading me closer and closer to the day I plan on packing it with me.

Thanks for the background photo on my IPod- a snapshot of my itinerary.

Thanks for Rutima and Auntie Nechama.

Thanks, Gd, for giving me humour and for giving me sensitivity.

Thanks for my published articles.

Thanks for these days of sleeping in.

Thanks for my short hair cut so beautifully.

And, thanks for listening ;)

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