Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Words Create

Ha! That's incredible that I just opened today's "protect our speech" shmiras halashon email* and this is what I see. (Thank You, Hashem!!)

Words said about us define our place in the world. Once that "place", our reputation is defined - particularly if the definition is negative - it is very hard to reverse.

Just as Gd created the word with words (i.e. "And Gd said, ' Let there be light,' and there was light.). So too human beings create with words.

( Words that Hurt Words that Heal by Joseph Telushkin**) 

Today's learning is dedicated li'iluy nishmat Aviel Ephraim ben URielYosef Menachem Hacohen.
** :D  (makdim refuah to 'cousin')

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