Saturday, March 03, 2012

Soul Block; Blog Block

Some arms and legs out, and some arms and legs in. 
I'm explaining, not excusing. 
Discussing not defending. 
So don't attack, offend or dismiss. 

Oh, if only Tanya Talk could reign. 
Well, not necessarily but the idea. The germ. The beginning. The ideal.

The friend singing is so raw, it's like I know G-d will listen. Thus/hence, comfort. 

Outgrew home (and hair needs to grow). 
Hanoi seems more home, than home. 
But only one angle. 
How can I fuse all the homes?
Building inner communities excludes the shoulders, the hands. 

I'm stuck. I'm stranded (meaning, suspended).

I tell myself to wait with faith. But wait until what? Doing what? How? Where? With whom?
I thought that roughing it was alone in Laos.
I think, now, that roughing it is with people in Los Angeles. 

Roughing it. Running away. Comfort. Faith. Regret. Decisions. Yearning. Confidence. Talent. Respect. Love. Wreck. Wreck till you're a wreck. Give me the answer to every "why"? No. But give me, please, the sky. How can I swim in a pool after conquering the ocean? 

Nobody cares. 
Nobody cares when you're depressed. 
Nobody cares when you're depressed because they don't like depression and because you think they don't care. 

New York was incredible. 

I need a faith line. 

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