Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prohibition Against Kindness To Idol-Worshippers

Wow this is so interesting! I had no idea! Quite handy, now that I've begun frequenting India and other idol infested places.

Negative Commandment 50

The 50th prohibition is that we are forbidden from having pity on idol worshippers or from being impressed1 with anything associated with them.
The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement (exalted be He),2 "Lo techanem." ["You shall not allow them to find grace in your eyes."]
The Oral Tradition explains that this means, "Do not ascribe grace to them." It is even prohibited to say about an idol worshipper who has a beautiful appearance, "This person is beautiful," or "This person has a beautiful face," as explained in our Talmud.3
The Jerusalem Talmud, tractate Avodah Zarah4 says, "The prohibition not to ascribe grace to them counts as a prohibition."
Kapach translates the Arabic "as'tachsan" into the Hebrew, "l'shabe'ach," which is literally translated, "to praise" (as Chavel does). In note 62, however, Kapach writes that he uses this word only because there is no Hebrew word which expresses the Arabic, which connotates being emotionally affected by the beauty of something of theirs.
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Avodah Zarah 20a.
Chapter 1, Halachah 9.


the wise man said...

That's actually a misapplication.

"Mipnei Darkei Shalom" there is a chiyuv to be gomel chessed even to Akum.

See: Rambam end of chapter 10 hilchos milachim, and Gittin 61a rules that we should support poor non-Jews along with Jews mipnei darkei shalom, (but see Rama Yoreh Deah 251, 1 for a possible qualification to this rule)

the wise man (cont) said...

so you actually must bring a trillion rupee(s--their deity's are plural, but not their money--b/c they have lots of one but none of the other) to distribute to your Indian cronies.

the sabra said...

How much percentage you gettin?

the sabra said...

Gosh I scared away my one reader/commenter....