Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The older kids know it already..

Long ago they stopped worshiping every word. Did what they felt like. Superficial, on a level. If they liked it, they kept it, if they didn't, they chucked it. Still now, in the present. In one ear and out the ear, if it doesn't jive with their lifestyle.

I guess I have to be like them and stop believing and caring about it all so much, and just start choosing what to listen to, what to get affected by, what to connect with. Time to start filtering. To decide what's true, what's real. To act like a stranger. To act like my friends and my siblings.

Sad, but I guess that's life.

PS I guess they were right in hiding the videos.
PPS That's why I feel so bad for Mushka. I hear the depths of her agony.

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