Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lowell Milken Center and the Irena Sendler Project

Wow! I just discovered the Irena Sendler Project which is quite a unique undertaking by the Lowell Milken Center!

It's attracting attention in America's public and private school communities and is now being reviewed in Israel as well.

The Lowell Milken Center is a program which encourages American schoolchildren in the fourth through twelfth grades to identify unknown heroes -- someone who impacts positively on a community or beyond. The students create documentation in the form of websites, video presentations or written reports which provide data that details the individual's actions.

One recent project came about as the result of an incredible story which was almost lost to history. The Irena Sendler Project relates the activities of a brave woman, Irena Sendler, whose desire to serve humanity brought her into daily danger. She never gave into fear and her strength and righteousness allowed her to save more than 2,500 Jewish children.

Irena was a Polish social worker in World War II and had an entry permit that allowed her to enter the ghetto where tens of thousands of Jews were held captive. Irena understood that the Nazis intended to eliminate these people and slowly she convinced Jewish parents to allow her to smuggle out their children.

Irena removed the children and found safe homes for each child. She was eventually caught and endured horrific torture but never revealed the whereabouts of these children whose identities she safeguarded in a glass jar which she had buried. Talk about chassidei oomois ha'olam...!

Students from the Center created a play about Irena Sendler, which they named 'Life in a Jar'.
Funded by Jewish philanthropist Lowell Milken, the students have performed the play all over U.S. and Europe reaching over 290 presentations! I would love to go see it!!

Irena Sendler
WWII 1944


The Non E Moose said...

Wow. Thank you, Irena.

mishmum said...

I think i heard of her before. Very special.

Chanale Cohen said...

Yes- A special and modest woman who deserves to be recognized for her brave actions in a crazy world.