Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shush Baby Chana, Shush

Shush baby Chana, shush.
You weep: distressed, uncomfortable, bitter, afraid.
Shush baby Chana, shush.
I rock you: peaceful, experienceed, sweet, confident.

You need me, baby Chana; but too, I need you.
You need me to put you to sleep, but I need you to wake me up.
I realize I need to tell you something.
I need to tell you the story of the Pasha and Ibn Hajim.


The Pasha was a ruler who wore a royal plush leapord robe and would sit upon a wealthy chair. He had a Jewish advisor, Ibn Hajim. The relationship between the Pasha and his Jewish advisor was one of mutual respect.

One day the Pasha summoned Ibn Hajim. 

"My dear Ibn Hajim", he began, "you are now to set off to distant lands. There is no animosity in this order and there is no explanation. You have served me fine in the past and I trust that you will continue to measure up to the appropriate standards, even in distant lands."

Ibn Hajim, though he believed in the Pasha, was understandably bewildered.

"Ailartsua, Acirema, Learsi and now Dnalgne, have all been conquered." continued the Pasha. "Now it is time to light up the other land sketches."

Ibn Hajim nodded. 

"I wish you well, my dear Ibn Hajim" concluded the Pasha, "and who knows? Perhaps we will yet meet again, on firmer soil."

Ibn Hajim turned to go and the two royal dogs, Crypticness and Cowardice, faced each other coldly.


Shush baby Chana.
I have told you my story and now you can be calm.
Shush baby Chana.
You have listened to my story and now I can be strong.

Shush baby Chana, shush.