Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Israel vs Vietnam

Alternatively, the Middle East vs the Far East.
And ahem, since when do I do anything 'middle' if I have the chance to do 'far'?
To quote myself*--when answering my friend's query if her idea was too 'over the top'--"When I hear 'over the top', I come running."
Well, I'm not sure if those are the exact words I used, but my point stands strong and tall. Heehee, I like when my points do my bidding so obediently and soldier-like.

So I had loads** of choices - as enumerated below - and every day my feelings were swayed. If I heard Hebrew that day, I was going to Israel. If I thought about my center, I was packing for Argentina. If I saw a bag from a Guatemala, there was no stopping me from heading to Southeast Asia. (Yes, yes, I know-as you see it, aint no geographic connection between them two fine locates***. But as I see it, the words glare "backpacker". And frankly, it's about me right now. Not in a snobby way, just in a matter of fact way.)

Yesterday, an incredibly perfect opportunity arose in Israel, causing me to believe my decision was sealed. It's a dream I had never even allowed myself to create. Everything made sense and tip-tipa more.

And now, I all want is to travel to Vietnam and the other Southeast Asia countries on the map.

Yes, the conversation with DL**** today about it was the major factor in deciding this. The school, the details, the aching absence of "we want you, we need you" (that's right-even without the exclamation marks), but most of all, the subjugation.
Assorted types. *****

That made me flee far away. Far far, as far east as we can go.
I'm gladdened that my decision has been concretized in a manner that gives me relief, confidence, joy and peace.

Vietnam, with the help of G-d, here I come.

* I think avi used to do that all the time. hi avi.
** english bloke attack
*** nifty noun usage for "locations"
**** "malkali" acc. to mendy
*****if not the reismans box in the freezer, some clothing store.

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