Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hiskashrus, The Other Way

Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz related: An askan had a yechidus and noticed the Rebbe looking very serious. He summoned the nerve to ask the Rebbe what was troubling him. The Rebbe told him that a recently married couple had come to him to ask permission to go on shlichus and he had told them they could go if their parents gave their consent. A few days later the couple returned with their parents’ permission and the Rebbe gave them his blessing.
The Rebbe’s face suddenly took on an even more serious cast, and he said, "The woman is an only daughter among five brothers, all of whom serve on shlichus around the world," and here the Rebbe enumerated where all the brothers were. "Now the parents are alone with all their children far away."
"Right now," said the Rebbe, "they are at the airport and are crying. Although they are tears of joy, they are still tears, and right now I am with them."

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