Sunday, December 25, 2011

Packing Up My Life Here..

I won't lie; it is a bit emotional to be packing up my life from here.
The place I thought I'd spend a year; and now I'm leaving less than 4 months later.
True, I am planning on returning in a month; but it's only for 2 weeks, and it might not even happen in the end.
Also, I don't know what I'm doing afterward; packing up my life from this place also symbolizes stepping into the very unknown.
The thought normally thrills, not scares, me; I wonder why it's different now.
Perhaps because I thought I was finally finally settling down; and now I'm packing up again.

I'm not sad or regretful or upset. It's just emotional. It's life.


the sabra said...

I'm happy I write, baruch hashem.

It lets me clarify, focus and release my thoughts. And feelings.

I feel a bit better now. I validated myself.

mishmum said...

Oy, i'm sad (for lack of better word) for you.

the sabra said...

Amazing how nothing's changed.