Friday, December 09, 2011

Don't have faith, but...

Trust, Not Faith

People ask, “How can I have confidence in G‑d? Confidence that He will take care of me, that everything will work out for the best? Perhaps I don’t deserve the best. Perhaps I’ve already messed up so bad He no longer cares about me?”
These people have trust in G‑d all mixed up.
Trust is not faith. Faith is something you may or may not have. But trust is something you do. Hard.
Trust is when you are dragged by the currents of a mighty river and you cling with all your might to a rock you trust will not move. Trust is when, in times of trouble, you cleave so unshakably to the heavens that you pull them down to earth.
Trust is a mighty and heroic bonding of love. And, as with all love, it is reflected in the heart of the beloved. You bond with the Eternal Rock above, and the Above bonds with you. Then you are a fit vessel for all kinds of good.
Trust changes who you are. It changes your whole world. And it is available to anybody, at any moment, no matter who they were the moment before.

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