Friday, December 30, 2011

I can't believe it's finally here.

I've been dreaming of this day for ages. Well, this has been the first stage of my dream. The final stage is of holding Esther's CD in my hands. AHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Esther, I wish you bucketloads of luck and only good easy fun incredible times!

Girls (only!), check out this phenomenal webpage where you can experience all your worlds, emotions, deeds and thoughts bridged into one encouraging uplifting journey of a song. And then another one. And another one. And another one.

With love, I present

The Mekong (Wikipedia)

The Mekong is a river that runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, from the Tibetan Plateau. It is the world's 10th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia.

Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam established the Mekong River Commission (MRC) in 1995 to assist in the management and coordinated use of the Mekong's resources. In 1996 China and Burma became "dialogue partners" of the MRC and the six countries now work together within a cooperative framework.
The extreme seasonal variations in flow and the presence of rapids and waterfalls in this river have made navigation difficult.

In English the river is called "the Mekong River", derived from "Mae Nam Khong", a term of both Thai and Lao origin. In the Lao-Thai toponymy, all great rivers are considered "mother rivers" signalled by the prefix "mae", meaning "mother", and "nam" for water. In the Mekong's case, Mae Nam Khong means Khong, Mother of Water. "Khong" is derived from the Sanskrit "ganga", meaning the Ganges.

The Mekong basin is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. Only the Amazon boasts a higher level of biodiversity. Biota estimates for the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) include 20,000 plant species, 430 mammals, 1,200 birds, 800 reptiles and amphibians and an estimated 850 fish species. In 2009, 145 new species were described from the Mekong Region, comprising 29 fish species previously unknown to science, two new bird species, ten reptiles, five mammals, 96 plants and six new amphibians. The Mekong Region contains 16 WWF Global 200 ecoregions, the greatest concentration of ecoregions in mainland Asia.

No other river is home to so many species of very large fish. The biggest include the giant river carp (Probarbus jullieni), which can grow up to 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) and weigh 70 kilograms (150 lb), the Mekong Freshwater Stingray (Himantura chaophraya), which can have a wingspan of up to 4.3 metres (14 ft), the giant pangasius (Pangasius sanitwongsei), Siamese giant carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) and the endemic Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas), all three of which can grow up to about 3 metres (9 ft 10 in) in length and weigh 300 kilograms (660 lb). All of these are in serious decline, both because of dams and flood control and overfishing

Balls of light are observable from time to time rising from the water's surface in the stretch of the river near Vientiane or Nong Khai. These are sometimes referred to as Naga fireballs.

My Apologies, Blog

I keep landing up at Facebook. Hey, sometimes I need more immediate expression. But quick fixes don't always work. And now I just deleted my status when I realized that every Tom, Dick and Harry can read my soul. I don't always know when it's my soul.
Travel is.

B"H, I've traveled through approximately 14% of the world's undisputed countries. Not bad.

My Journeys in Life

Many journeys have I taken in my young life.

New York to Toronto was a 12 hour bus ride and the train from Mumbai to Varanasi was 30 hours long, yet my longest journeys have been in my heart and taken me across incredibly challenging borders in only 60 seconds.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Darkness:

Ultimately, Darkness will meet her end. Our choice lies only in the form of her demise:

If we meet nothing but success at every stage of our mission, Darkness will helplessly surrender, delivering to our hand all the sparks of G‑dliness that she has so jealously held.

When we fail, however, we have taken upon ourselves to wrestle Darkness face-to-face to her utter annihilation. She will not surrender, but no trace will be left of her. She herself will be transformed to light.

And there is no greater light than Darkness herself transformed to light.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Packing Up My Life Here..

I won't lie; it is a bit emotional to be packing up my life from here.
The place I thought I'd spend a year; and now I'm leaving less than 4 months later.
True, I am planning on returning in a month; but it's only for 2 weeks, and it might not even happen in the end.
Also, I don't know what I'm doing afterward; packing up my life from this place also symbolizes stepping into the very unknown.
The thought normally thrills, not scares, me; I wonder why it's different now.
Perhaps because I thought I was finally finally settling down; and now I'm packing up again.

I'm not sad or regretful or upset. It's just emotional. It's life.

Friday, December 23, 2011

At Macy's.

Employee: "Hi, I'm Philip if you need any assistance."
Chava'le: "And who are you if I don't need any assistance?"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

If Joseph Could Forgive

If Joseph, Yosef Hatzadik, could forgive his brothers that wanted to kill him (after openly hating him) and then ended up selling him to passing Arabs, I could forgive the people in my life, as well. Small small things we're talking about. No comparison. Yet, he did it so graciously. Learn, I must. 

Also, that is mad cool, picture the scene of Yosef second in command, sitting on this throne, falsely swearing on Pharoah's life, prophesying with his magical goblet, his brothers completely clueless..

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's All Good. It's All G-d.

Shalom and Shavuah Tov! 

When man says, “I CAN’T” or “WE CAN’T” God says, “I AM” meaning that He is able to do ANYTHING! Nothing is impossible with God! Remember this as you face the week ahead.

In the service of the G-d of Israel,
Naomi  family

Friday, December 09, 2011

Don't have faith, but...

Trust, Not Faith

People ask, “How can I have confidence in G‑d? Confidence that He will take care of me, that everything will work out for the best? Perhaps I don’t deserve the best. Perhaps I’ve already messed up so bad He no longer cares about me?”
These people have trust in G‑d all mixed up.
Trust is not faith. Faith is something you may or may not have. But trust is something you do. Hard.
Trust is when you are dragged by the currents of a mighty river and you cling with all your might to a rock you trust will not move. Trust is when, in times of trouble, you cleave so unshakably to the heavens that you pull them down to earth.
Trust is a mighty and heroic bonding of love. And, as with all love, it is reflected in the heart of the beloved. You bond with the Eternal Rock above, and the Above bonds with you. Then you are a fit vessel for all kinds of good.
Trust changes who you are. It changes your whole world. And it is available to anybody, at any moment, no matter who they were the moment before.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Snowboarding in Morocco

Better do it quickly before it's too late..!!

"Duchsin" (New Song)

Lipa's new song, "Duchsin", is thought to be phenomenal. It's really short but it's so scholarly that you don't even realize. It's a bit awkward in the beginning but then it gets really catchy. People are considering flying across the country just to hear it live. Seems a bit extreme to me. I'd say go online a bit, check it out, and then see if it's worth it. But nu, who am I? Not a Duchsin connoisseur, apparently.

Yalla, "Duchsin, duchsin..."...

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Deep Love
Kislev 2, 5772 · November 28, 2011

You cannot reach deeper within another than you reach in your own self.
If you love yourself for your achievements, your current assets, the way you do things and handle the world -- and despise yourself for failure in the same -- it follows that your relationship with another will also be transient and superficial.
To achieve deep and lasting love of another person, you need to first experience the depth within yourself -- an inner core that doesn't change with time or events. If it is the true essence, it is an essence shared by the other person as well, and deep love becomes unavoidable.

Friday, December 02, 2011

תמונה מהודו שלא תצא לכם מהראש...

שלום חוה 

באמת אין צורך להגדיר את האבסורד. עולם הפוך
לאחר השניות הראשונות בהן לא הפסקתי לצחוק...

(באם אינך רואה התמונה לחץ למעלה: הצג תמונות)

ראיתי לנגד עיני את פתגם הבעל שם טוב:
מכל דבר שיהודי רואה ושומע עליו ללמוד דרך בעבודת ה'".

המצב הנכון והבריא הוא: שהחלק הגשמי-הבהמי שבתוכנו ישרת את החלק האלוקי - הרוחני
נאכל, נשתה, נרוויח כסף אפילו נטייל מידי פעם על מנת שנהיה בריאים ופנויים למלא את תפקידנו הרוחני בעולם
למרבה הצער, רובנו מוצאים את עצמנו לעיתים במצב האבסורדי
בו החלק הרוחני-האלוקי משועבד לחלק הבהמי והגשמי
אנחנו יכולים לעבור ימים שלמים ואפילו חיים שלמים במרדף אחר
עוד טיול עוד כסף עוד בית עוד רכב עוד ריהוט חדש, עוד מסעדה עוד ועוד ועוד
אז איך יוצאים מזה

בפרשה, יעקב אבינו - בחיר האבות יורד לחרן -"חרון אף של מקום" -
מרכז של עבודת אלילים, מידות רעות ושאר דברים שליליים.
זה לא היה רק אילוץ בעקבות בריחתו מעשו שאיים להורגו,
הייתה בירידה הזו כוונה ותכלית. לרדת הכי נמוך שאפשר
ודווקא לשם להביא קדושה ואלוקות
בדרך, נעצר יעקב בבית אל וזוכה להתגלות אלוקית
שהיא בעצם נתינת כח למשימה שהוטלה עליו

ושם : "ויקח מאבני המקום וישם מראשותיו וישכב במקום ההוא"
הוא מקיף את ראשו בחומה של אבנים. (ומה לגבי שאר אברי הגוף? הם אינם זקוקים להגנה?(
בשיחה לפרשה  מסביר הרבי כי יעקב לא חשש מחיות של ממש.
הוא חשש מאיומים רוחניים בהמיים ואפילו חייתים שיכולים
להסית אותו מהמטרה לשמה הוא יורד לחרן

ולכן יעקב מקיף רק את ראשו ובכך מסמל את נחישות-דעתו להשאיר את הראש לעצמו.
ורק מעמדה כזו הוא יכול לרדת נמוך ובו בזמן לשמור על הררכיה ברורה.
המקום הנמוך הזה ישרת את האינטרס האלוקי  ולא הפוך.

נכון, צריך להתפרנס, צריך להכין אוכל טוב, צריך לרהט בית נעים ומסודר, צריך להשתדרג בציוד טכנולגי חדש,
אך חייבים לשמור על הראש למעלה. לדעת שכל זה הוא רק כדי לשרת את הראש  - את התכלית והמטרה האלוקית בעולם.
התמונה ההזויה הזו לא יכולה בשום אופן לשקף אותנו.
וצריך להכניס את זה טוב טוב לראש!

אבל בסוף בסוף... שזה עכשיו ממש
יעקב רואה בחלומו, מלאכים של מעלה יורדים ומלאכים של מטה עולים -חיבור גשמיות ורוחניות...
הוא גם שוכב לישון - ובכך משווה את הרגל והראש.

סיומה של עבודה זו יהיה בגאולה האמיתית והשלמה, כבר כתבנו את זה פעם.
אז יתגלה כבוד ה' בעולם הגשמי - "וראו כל בשר יחדיו" - הבשר הגשמי יראה - "כי פי ה' דיבר".

שבת שלום שמחה וגאולה

משפחת בית חבד פושקר
בית חב"ד פושקר - הבית שלך מחוץ לבית...
יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד
מס' טלפון ישראלי בהודו: (עלות שיחה בישראל)
שימי 0579459963
זלדה 0579467113
(מס' טלפון בישראל: 0527707405)

תרומה לבית חב"ד פושקר
בנק לאומי סניף 985 מ"ח 01868662 ע"ש שמשון גולדשטיין בית חב"ד פושקר. תודה:

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Lonely Planet's "The Travel Book"

‘This is a stunning book. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, it’s a classic coffee table book, best perused on a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee in one hand and your passport in the other, just in case you get the urge to flee the country.’   Digital Camera Magazine

Buy it here :)