Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Back To My Blog :)

So instead of writing, I'm spending my time reading travel blogs n stuff. Dunked a buncha coffee down my throat to have energy to revisit emotions n times long gone in order to give birth to the ideas and thoughts hanging out in my brain for months or years, but instead I'm clicking link after link on NomadicMatt's pages, and making buddies with the sky scanner sites of the web.
But it's okay that I'm not writing.
Because I am reading the magic of my soul.
I am back in my little corner of the world, away from Facebook (which has stolen my writing), texting (which steals my attention) and everything else.
I am back to my blog, my interests, my privacy, my connection with the nomads and with the people who don't "know" me.

I'm alive, blessed be He.

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