Thursday, November 10, 2011

I felt so free...

I felt so free, unshackled, liberated.
Could conquer anything, even NY or LA.
I felt in touch with myself once more.
I felt I could write, could explore, could see the world again.

I felt sure, my head held high, wind blowing my hair.
I felt confident, released, light and light.

But now, words of doubt, I hear from around.
And I fear being chained, being placed under heavy stones.
But maybe I should take the doubt only as it is--not as denouncement, but only as doubt.
It IS sudden and strange, we all agree on this.
It's definitely weird, shocking and amiss.

Too, I'm tired and tired brings despair.
I ought to revisit my Vulnerable piece, maybe repost it here.

Hashem loves me like a father that loves his only son born to him in his old age.
And even a bit more ;)