Monday, October 24, 2011

Perpetual Struggle

And I'm sitting here debating whether I should continue my struggle or move on. Challenge myself or let myself flourish. The struggle is tearing me apart as is the debate.

I get my Daily Dose. I just KNOW it's gonna hit the spot. G-d keeps doing that to me.
I read it.
It hit the spot.
I'll stay.

Perpetual Struggle
Tishrei 26, 5772 · October 24, 2011

Some think life is all about doing good and keeping away from evil. To them, struggle has no purpose of its own -- to have struggled is to have failed. Success, they imagine, is a sweet candy with no trace of bitterness.
They are wrong, very wrong. Struggle is an opportunity to reach the ultimate, when darkness itself becomes light. In the midst of struggle, an inner light is awakened. Light profound enough to overwhelm the darkness, encasing it and winning it over.
But if darkness never fights back, how will it ever be conquered?

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