Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank You, G-d...For Me

Thank You, G-d, for making me kind, caring, sensitive and thoughtful.
Thank You for making me patient.
Thank You for giving me a listening ear, a feeling heart, a discerning eye.
Things that are natural but not common, it seems.
Thank You for making me, Me.

And thank You, G-d, for giving me the wisdom and the strength to learn from those that are not.
To learn not to get bogged down, not to spend the night crying or sleeping in my car, and to learn that it's not their fault--they simply weren't created with the characteristics that You gave to me.

And finally, thank You for giving me my mother who helped me realize that. Again. 


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Did your mother edit that?

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And hi, Henya. Heehee.