Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pros & Cons of Roommates

Why It's Better To NOT Have A Roommate:

1. You can start your day at 6am without fear of waking up anyone.
2. You can track sand and water into your apartment..and not clean it up for 2 days.
3. When you come home from work, you are faced with blessed silence and privacy.
4. You can put on any music you'd like, at whichever volume you prefer, at any time.
5. When you are not in the mood of music, you don't have to suffer through your roommate's.
6. You can talk on the phone about anything and everything. Always. Whatever time of day or night.
7. You don't have to pretend you don't hear your roommate's phone conversations.
8. You can leave a mess wherever you want and not feel guilty.
9. You don't have your roommate's mess irritating you everywhere you look.
10. You feel ownership, not partnership.
11. You get the top drawer and the better bed.
12. The bathroom is never occupied when you need it.
13. It's quiet unless you choose to make noise.
14. You don't need to fight over the mirror.
15. When you go to sleep at night, it's just you and your own thoughts with no other being disturbing your tranquility.
16. Temperature setting is in your control.
17. You can park where and how you'd like, with nary a comment in response.
18. No foreign hairs clogging your shower drain.
19. You can laugh - and talk - to yourself out loud without anyone asking "what?"
20. No need to contend with any strange sounds, smells or sights.
21. On bad hair days, you can walk around with your hood on and not be ashamed of how you look.

Oh the list goes on and on...

Why It's Better To YES Have A Roommate:

1. When you go jogging in the morning, you don't have to take a key with.

And that's pretty much it.
Oh wait. I just discovered those bracelet key rings. Scratch that. I don't need a roomie anymore.


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