Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Amongst the Non-Jews (2 Stories)

Like the post below, the following two stories are from Lma'am Yishme'u.
Once, while standing before Izgadar, the king of Persia, the Amora Huna bar Nassan, was wearing his gartel too high. Noticing this, the king reached over and personally moved it to its place and said to him, "You belong to a royal and holy nation, and you must look regal." Huna bar Nassan shared this story with Ameimar, to which he replied, "With you, it was fulfilled that which is written, 'Kings will be your servants.'"

The Rebbe explains that a Yid must feel strong with the torah and not be fazed by the nations around him, and then even kings will come to his aid.
 (זבחים יט ע"א, לקו"ש חכ"ד ע' 175)


The Amora Rav Yehudah and Batti bar Tuvi were once sitting before the Persian king Shvur Malkah when a fruit was brought before them. The king grabbed an unkosher knife and cut a slice for Batti. Then, he took the knife and stabbed it in hard earth to kasher it, and cut another slice for Rav Yehudah. Surprised that the king didn't do so for him, Batti asked the king, "Am I not a Yid?!" The king responded, "With Rav Yehudah, I am sure that he will not eat from it, no matter the consequence. You will eat it, out of fear of me."

The Rebbe explains that when a goy sees how a Yid is firm in his observance of mitzvos, he considers it an honor to personally serve the Yid with his needs.
(לקו"ש חי"ט ע' 31)

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