Sunday, May 15, 2011

From India and Back

She said:

Shalom and Shavuah Tov! When man says, “I CAN’T” or “WE CAN’T” God says, “I AM” meaning that He is able to do ANYTHING! Nothing is impossible with God! Remember this as you face the week ahead.
In the service of the G-d of Israel,

I said:

THank you for your inspirational words, Naomi. Many times it really helps me with something I am going through at the time.

She said:

shalom dear young child.
Nothing will happen to us outside the frame work of torah. so why worry.?
The creator is always there to help us / bail us out.
He made us to live happy . and we should . and from now
smile and be happy , enjoy every moments of the given life.
HaShem will love that - see you in happiest mood and always forever.
like a young child.

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the sabra said...

Auntie Rutie ;)
You can thank yourself for that :)