Sunday, May 29, 2011


Posted on, in memory of Rabbi Gavriel & Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg HYD - Shluchim to Mumbai, India

The Rebbe's Response:

I received with great joy your wonderful drawings together with your teacher’s letter. You drew pictures of trees, people and flowers.

The lesson you can take from your drawings is that each child is like a tree. When a seed is planted or in its infant stage, one must guard that it not come in contact with bad grasses and other damaging items. In addition, the tree needs enough water, until it grows to be a big beautiful tree giving ripe, good fruit.

So, too, you dear children have a wonderful seed, the Neshomo which needs to be guarded from damaging things, this being bad friends with no good influences. Just as the tree needs enough water so, too, you children need enough Torah and mitzvahs. When you learn lots of Torah and do many mitzvahs, G-d will give back to you much good, ripe fruit, causing your parents, teachers and the nation of Israel much yiddishe nachas and pride.

Igros Kodesh volume 23, p.325

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