Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chava & Chaya & Chevron

So many times when I'm with Chaya, whether it's during a deep convo or stam when we're hanging out together, I suddenly feel like we're in a movie. Our backgrounds strikingly different yet essentially identical; our sentiments so poignant expressed with as much frequency as our deep shallowness; and mainly, we're both so small fighting something so large.

I often feel like we SHOULD make a movie.

When we were by shoter, and she was calling back to the Arab on the top floor, it was definitely surreal, but the focus was more on her. And when I called back to him, it was equally surreal, but again, the focus was only on me.

Walking back home, we discussed it, and the movie feeling came once again.

So many of those moments...

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