Sunday, April 17, 2011

a Small White Lion

heehee a small white lion
i'm watching the mouth open and close
yea, he plucked a small white lion
a daring act of romance

walking on the path
sun and shade and folk and talk
now sitting off the path
small white lion, stomach drop

into the past, the now, and the unknown.
it's the color of my yellow purse,
ok fine, diet coke.

cuts that make me smile
blows that make me grin
pinches make me feel relaxed
and i'm calmed by the swing of axe

yknow why i'm happy?
i learned that i could feel
undisturbed in a mass
and goodly overwhelmed by only one

so i write, because....

rhymes make it sense,
i fit flower into star
and somehow comfort flows
from the mind into the heart

(oh, that? natural.)

LG. Life's Good.