Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Breakfast with Bar

Breakfast with Bar.
That was just what I needed.
Twas the perfect antidote to the missing "ak".

After freaking out last night "What does Hashem want from me??" (with an additional three thousand question and exclamation marks), I am reminded (what I knew last night, too): Hashem wants me to trust in Him and to go with the flow. Just go go go. Not stop think freak. Just to go, to flow, to glow.

Today He sent me Breakfast with Bar. And we chatted all three of us (ima joined us). And we chilled and chuckled. It was therapeutic. It was wonderful.

Breakfast with Bar was wonderful.


1 comment:

the sabra said...

Omg it was like unreal, how perfect it was.

I love those moments, G-d. Keep it up, please :)