Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Avenging-and Undoing-The Fogels' Death

This Shabbos is the 13th of Adar, the day that Haman planned to annihilate our entire nation. In response, Mordechai, the leader of the Jewish people, gathered together 22,000 children in one city and taught them Torah. Because of this G-d protected us throughout the world.

This Shabbos let us avenge Fogel family's death. The Fogels were involved in chinuch their entire lives. They lived in danger protecting our borders both in Gush Katif, before getting thrown out and later moved to Itamar. They were killed Al Kiddush Hashem in the line of duty. They just finished a children's program in their home right before they were murdered.

Let us carry on their legacy.

This Shabbos, assemble as many children as you can and teach them. Gather your children, your neighbor's children, your neighborhood children=whoever you can.

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