Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yellow Taxis on My Heart

Yellow taxis on my heart
Driving, turning, going on
Yellow taxis on my heart
I see them from afar

Dirty children on my heart,
Trotting pleased, unaware
Thinking 'home' nothing more
Not of my heart, holed again

Wheels and bikes on my heart
Riding fast, riding slow
Baskets perched, concealed gazes
My heart punched, without a touch

A whole city of my heart
Inches three, belong to me
Truth is all my heart is mine
Fact is yellow taxis drive

Yellow taxis on my heart
Driving, turning, going on
Yellow taxis on my heart
One day they'll all be gone.

Living in Hebron, it pains me deeply to see the "Palestinians" take over my city, living their life on my land, while I am forced to peer from tiny cracks of neighborhoods.
At least, I know it's only temporary.


Rachel said...

This sounds like it needs a melody too so it can be sung.

chav the chevronite said...

Really? I thought the rhythm, the dead monotonous sorta beat was so perfect. Each paragraph starts out on a hopeful note, and then slowly crashes down...

Butttttt, I'm so happy I finally got a response to this. This piece had so much meaning to me, I wanted to share it with the world. Like I was just explaining to the mum, I was suddenly so affected by the scene, I stood there with sadness and anger welling up inside, feeling so alone and helpless, so degraded. When I went upstairs and wrote this, I was able to breath easier. The help and relief it provided me with, made this piece very valuable to me. Sooooooo, that's why I was really waiting for an audiental* response.

*of or pertaining to the audience

chav the chevronite said...

and that should say 'breathe', not breath. i'm not israeli yet.