Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Yummy Friday :)))

It started off when I was able to sleep in but still wake up early enough that I didn't feel shleppy.
Nobody was home, I took my time getting ready, packed satisfactorily.
Mummy says if I need, I should wait, fresh milk is coming. (Meaaaaaaaning, the 9am trip didn't happen! WOOHOO!)
She invites me to Tair's hatzagah. I say I think I will not go.
Milk comes, challah comes, apple juice with no additives comes (heehee tfs) and I get invited again to the hatzagah.
They say we'll be back by 1:30, I do some calculations in my head, decide I can take the 2:15 bus, agree to come, and then she tells me she can drop me off at the kenyan which means I can make an earlier bus even. Woohoo! Off we go!
I am giggling half the way (we discuss the shekel entrance fee, wonder if there are VIP seats available, texted Auntie Nechama that I'm doing Teshuva for missing Thursday's production at the Matnas Romema), and half-smiling contentedly the other half, and then we finally get there. Mad dash across the street, run into the Chabad Gan (OMG!? Tair goes to Chabad?? Kanireh..We exchange semi-meaningful glances of disbelief), run out of the Chabad gan when we realize it's not there, head to Morah Riki and some other Morah and whew! Made it! I'm introduced as "ha'doda shel Tair", I'm grinning, Tair's dad wants to shake on it, I get confused and refuse, and then nearly kill it all by leaning into the guy next to me. Tair is yum, we blow kisses across the room towards each other, the song/play CRACKS me up ("Trofoti"), I can't stop giggling, Tair totally remembers and recognizes me, hugs me, asks me to come back to the next play, some little 4 year old boy asks us for our tickets, I'm giggling again, it's a good feeling to recognize Shimrit, one more hug from Tair, time to leave, get dropped off by the mall, hey takkeh, why don't we go in, hey takkeh why don't we ALL go in?? Yalla! On the way, I ask for water bottle, get told I can't have, it makes me giggle. Get there, transfer bags to the trunk of the car, swap numbers with the Ima, bathroom stop, H&M excitement and photo (since when?? wow, duly shocked/impressed/pleased. yes pleased), get taken to the "cheap but nice" clothes store, answer the girl that i'm looking for happiness but throw it right back at her when she says she wants it too (and only appreciative laughter from my side) head to the game room, "get tissues in case you lose" heehee I lost 2-7, there was no "last time" but I'm happy to think someone thinks there was, lol, pass the stationery store, realize I need a poster (perfect that I got to ask which color), yay it's not so expensive, I got a marker too "we might as well get a marker", want to buy something sweet but don't want to make me walk uh hullo it's fine, oh ya? oh yea. oh. yeah! hehe, let's exchange and get out money "this bank belongs to.. we can pick it up n carry it home, yeah but first we should add a last name with my new marker" agreed, go back upstairs to the sweets place (ha, outside the bathroom), I can't eat it cuz not kosher, discuss how we'll save it for shabbos and serve it then and everyone will be drooling, "it's too much money? but if it's for shabbos, it doesn't come out of ur account" "really? az yalla" BIG grin of pride beaming from my face. nearly knock the old lady down by bumping into her "sorry but i had to, you were gonna hit her" (sorta happy sorta irritated didn't make my announcement already), walking lazily happily comfortably, yalla Ima calls, perfect timing, go to the car, she insists on walking me to the stop, I'm SO grateful, told her "one small step for you, one big leap for me", wave goodbye and maturely wiggle my fingers on my nose, wide laughter from the driver seat :D (thank G-d!!), ask the older gentleman what bus he's waiting for. 167. Tells me the 160 should not be long in coming. Indeed he is correct. Some humorous/only in Israel moments happened, but I forget now. Bus driver and I recognize each other, I get my own seat, I text Chaya A. I'm coming, she's happy, I'm happy, realize I can get a ride, I text the Ima how good it is to feel like part of a family, not just a tourist, she answers me (woohoo!), "It was also fun for me that you came, I really feel like you are part of the family" woohoooo and when I told her that I don't have a base, she told me her house is my base. Wow. Unbelievable. "Of course you feel like that..because I am!" (hakol bglalcha chaver, "hakol bzchutcha chaver, hakol bzchutech chavera"), bus driver announces and then waits patiently for a hundred hours till I get off, Chaya takes me, nearly at her house we stop by the Teimani, friends drive by on the motorbike, ask if I'm from sheirut leumi, continue on home. Enough time to use the computer, tell Batsheva I'm coming, give the whiskey and milk pitcher, daven Mincha on the mirpeset, shower, get ready, personalize and put Chaya's achoti notepad stand on her desk, run down to make it there by 5:30, (totally taken aback by all the extra soldiers around) meet Shira, like her a lot, take Menuch to the playground, (I finally finally warn Batsheva not to freak out if half the table recognizes me, she handles it well heehee) she stops shrieking very soon (THANK GD!) I play Elimination/Chayei Sarah with all the girlies, cutest little kid is Pass, I get out, I get in, everyone is so helpful and explanatory, we follow Menutcha up the steps, nearly go into their apartment when they invite us, bring her back home, still have time to go the Mearah, see Eliezer, Esther and even Benaya, go back to Avraham Avinu, totally on time ha, didn't help nor feel obligated/guilty hehe, sit with Duby's family (today it hit me that I already heard about him, cuz of his name), surprisingly not annoyed by the girls, actually enjoying even, snatch mashke from Danny (etc), share fun moments with Batsheva, food is great, company is great, green napkins no purple ones around, so it's good nachal came this weekend, shocked to see Mr. Malawach with a kapote..and two little girls!..befriend them, flip em upside down in the kitchen (boys line/girls line), bring grape juice n challah n food "to my uncle in Charsina", go out to see Yossi's new chabad house, little Eliyahu comes along, as Yossi n Shneur lead the way, two girlies come with (confuse her with age vs name, bat sheva, har har but be'emet we was laughing hard), they are bursting with pride at their new chabad house, the drawings, the tzedakah box on the wall, the place where they gonna hang a flashlight, I offer to make flowers from napkins after Shabbat and he gets so excited. I burst with pride when he leads us in Pesukim, nearly started tearing, we go downstairs n play "mi mifached me'ha'dov hagadol?" again i'm laughing so hard that i'm doing this, we then play "chayalim", Eliyahu is serious as anything, I'm cracking up, Yossi gathers us and tells us very very seriously "Tonight. We are going to go. To the playground. And then. We will return. To the Chabad House. We are to walk. In a straight line." Off we march. I stay down with the girls who are scared lolll we return to the 'real' chabad house, I'm pleased to see girls are invited to the farbrengen, I translate Itzik's story, Baruch is impressed I'm here without anybody wanting to kill me, Nati lets me keep my stuff on the table. I march back to Tel Romeida, I learn from my new sefer and I drop in to my freshly made bed, happily sighing from every part of me.
Good Shabbos Chevron and Yerushalayim and all of Israel.
What a blessed day!


mishmum said...

Wowie Zowie. This was all ONE day?? Woah, bh.

the sabra said...

Yes. And this was the rapid version. I may go back and add details as I remember.

the sabra said...

It sounds like Batsheva finally stopped shrieking. Heehee.

the sabra said...

Omg, same Batsheva thought/comment. Better go fix it.

Wow. What an awesome awesome day. What life should be like. Well, not exactly, but there were SO many moments there (especially in the mall) that I was just like "is this really happening to me???".. in the bestest way.